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At, you can get and use a mailbox for free, with these features:

Unique Features:

• is run by ZONER, Inc.
• offers you more disk space (100 MB) to save your messages -- and an unlimited message count.
• offers you an easy-to-navigate Web interface for administration of your e-mail using a Web browser.
You can pick up mail from your mailbox using the POP3 or IMAP4 protocol. In other words, you can use an e-mail program of your choice, for free.

Other Features:

Your mailbox is accessible from anywhere on the Internet, not just your own computer. Travelling abroad? As long as you have Internet access, you have access to Zoner inMail24.
Your mailbox name is unchanging and valid forever no matter what Internet provider you choose.
You can forward incoming messages to a different email address.
You can add any number of attachments to the messages you send.
Zoner inMail24 supports all European accent marks. If you can write it, you can send it through Zoner inMail24.
Zoner inMail24 is completely free and there are no conditions on its use.